What Is Drop shipping?

 The Dropship Model                                                           

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer can operate
without maintaining an inventory. Instead transfers the customer orders and shipment
details to the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then packages the
products and ships the goods directly to the retailer’s customer on the retailer’s behalf.

What is the best dropshipping  company for me ?

Although Drop shipping is very popular, there are often scams from people pretending to
be drop shipping companies. Therefore, it is important to do a deep China company search to verify its legitimacy and evaluate it based on your needs Therefore we have established for you a list of the top 15
dropshipping companies that you will find on the web.      

1) Chinabrands                     5 best chinese dropshipping companies

This is a business-to-business e-commerce website that facilitates the sale of
manufactured products from small and medium enterprises to buyers.Chinabrands
operates in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

2) Gearbest                

Gearbest is an online shopping platform specializing in electronic products, gadgets Interesting chinese dropshipping  website 
and fashion menswear. drop shipping Gearbest offers 45 days no-failure return service and 24-hour technical support call. 

Price: Join for free

3) Aliexpress        

AliExpress is a chinese wholesale platform but also a dropshipping platform that connects
dropshippers to suppliers and products.The platform offers millions of 
produts from suppliers in 40 categories.   The best chinese dropshipping companies

Price: Free sign-up.

4) Dhgate                        

This company functions in a similar way as eBay as it helps to connect 2 best chinese dropshipping companies
buyers and sellers of different types of products together. 

5) Tomtop                     

No joining fee                                                                 
5%-20% dropship discount 
Free shipping for some countries        

6) Dealextreme                                                 6 best chinese dropshipping companies 

DX dropshipping program is total free, the more you buy, the more you save. All packages from DX.com are sent without  DX logo or any information indicating DX.com.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Best chinese dropshipping website

7) DropInTheBox  

DropInTheBox.com is a brand new release of LightInTheBox.com, which specializes in providing drop shippers, wholesalers and bulk buyers of all kinds with professional service and hundreds of items at lowest possible prices. A quick look    around DropInTheBox will reveal a careful selection of LightInTheBox’s best selling electronic gadgets, car electronics, faucets, tattoo equipment and much more.

           Best  dropshipping website China

8) Banggood                                                

No fees.
Personalized recommendations.
No watermark photos, 5 to 20% discount.         

      3 Best  dropshipping website China

9) Panda Hall           

PandaHall is the best dropshipping wholesaler for jewelry and beads.   
With excellent discounts and a vast range of products.                                  

                          10 Best  dropshipping website China

10) Chinavision                                      

At Chinavasion, electronics gadgets are sourced directly from   
Chinese factories at the lowest price 

Cheap  dropshipping website China

11) Taobao      

Taobao.com is the most popular marketplace in China where you can find wide variety of products at very low prices. Taobao dropshipping
is made easy by Taobao Age. Simply order they handle the rest
for you from buying to shipping direct to your customer.   Dropshipping in China

12) CJDropshipping 

Hundred thousands of product selections Free sourcing service for any products, automatic generate tracking numbers Oversea warehouse for
domestic shipping. Automatic update tracking numbers to your
store Up to 1 day processing and shipping Delivery tracking and statistics.                                                   

One-to-one 6 days 16 hours online support.


China is the world largest manufacturer country in the world map. There are spacious possibilities of business. Many of the businessman and industry are taking interest in china market. But it is important to check the registration and business license of the company with which you are doing business.

These registration services is available in every country and China has also appropriate registration authority and system and we will now describe it in detail

  • Prior to inspect about the details, here we are giving brief information about the latest updates about company registration website in China.
  • There is no English-language search service for company registrations in Mainland China
  • No any English language search website for company registration is available in mainland china.
  • Local company registration service is also available in different province of china, which can be browse in Chinese language.
  • English language company registration search website available in Hong Kong. Well, it is also noticeable that collaborating the business with Chinese companies, the expertise of Chinese language is necessary.

English language China Company Registration searches

The administration of mainland china is walking in the traditional line where company registration details available in Chinese language It might be possible that the reason of this is, the official and national language is Chinese. Moreover government official websites are in Chinese language, so most of the company registration in Chinese language.

It generally indicates that even if china company registration service might be accessible in English language database, then the user is likely to have the knowledge of Chinese language so that they can bring fruitful searches in the interface.

And if somehow, if you have managed to found the details of company registration during china company search but you will see that company registration will be redirected to Chinese language rather than English

Country level Company Registration Search Facility

In the year 2015, China has implemented most anticipated nationwide company registration search website and we can see the development and further updates in the website time to time.

The website is known as “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System:” you can check  it on the internet.

In the year 2016, this system enables users to search companies across the Mainland China and they can get the company registration and official name of company information. This is a helpful for people to use nationwide system but in spite of having integrated search system, it is not update with latest version

Though, it has many drawbacks but the initiative taken by china has formulated nationwide search system. China knows the technicalities and possibility of business expansion in its sphere because there are plenty of companies in the china.

Local AIC Company Registration Websites

Besides having the option of searching the website nationwide for checking the company registration every province has their own local AIC company registration in China which are administrated by an AIC– Administration of Industry and Commerce.

As the name suggests, this is the region wise government association that handle with company registration in their specific area.  AIC is allotted in every province in china and there many other small branches in district.

So if you are looking for local company registration search you need to search on district wise and province wise. These local authorities have the strong database of company registration.  Here is below the list:

Hong Kong has separated AIC where you can search company registration details in English language because it is different from mainland china. It is considered that English language has the status of official language for company incorporation. Hong Kong registration searches are improved and helpful to foreign businesses because the details are accessible in the English language.

How to Identify “Is this China Company is Real”?

This is somehow the important question among all. We suggest that to verify a Chinese company business company from the china company verification service website, but you need to understand one thing that, the registered capital that website discloses might be different.

The best thing about china check up verification service is that the procedure of authenticating a Chinese company is hassle free. One can get the services by ordering online via email in the PDF format.

Using search engine and Chinese supplier directory is also a good option to find the reality of the company in china.  In china, the search engine Baidu can have the database of company check. You can also search in Google and Bing.

Many B2B directories are available where you can easily access the company details by typing the name and other information.

Ask local authorities about the company records, you can make a phone call directly to Chinese manufacturer and ask the documents of company registration. If we talk about the landline of china will appear as 86 10 2222 2222 where 86 is the country code of china 10 is the area code and rest eight digit in the telephone number.

Ask about the business license from the company that is doing the business. They must be registered under the Chinese government authority.  If the Chinese manufacturer is failed to provide unique company registration, then the you need to understand that something is fishy and it will be a wise decision to turn down the plan of doing business with such suspicious company.  You can verify the registration number by visiting the local authorities and administration in china.

You can ask bank reference letter to check the financial credit of the manufacturer. You can check the quality of manufacturer by asking their previous customer or existing customers. Never hesitate to ask because this is a crucial question and you can ask to the renowned brand of the china to know for the best recommendation from their side.

Asking for sample is also the wise decision to check the quality of the goods and material of the respective Chinese company. After checking the quality, you will be sure to take the right step in terms of doing business with them.

You can also ask to a Professional Verification company


If you are planning to do business with a company in china, it is necessary to check the background of the respective company. You have always a big concern that whether “A Chinese Company is existing or not?’’ and this question is not absurd but is it is very crucial.  Company verification services become important in this stage.

Reason of concern

Well, having concern about Chinese company is real is crucial concern and there are many reasons for that:-

  • Some of the company claims that they are registered in Mainland China but the reality is that they have been registered with Hong Kong or anywhere else.
  • Some Chinese companies doesn’t have the license for doing business
  • Few of Chinese organization continue business in spite of their license has been cancelled.
  • Few of Chinese companies disguise themselves as a manufacturer but they actually conduct middleman-trading agencies.
  • Some Chinese companies have never had a business license at all

Safeguarding your organization

If you have  partnered with registered and reputed company in china, then you are fortunate that, you will not face any problem. If anyhow issues comes because of suspicious company then it is very difficult to deal with them because working with unauthorized company can get lethal consequences for your business. Often a broker or third party agency claim to be a manufacturer or supplier but they are not. You can also counter with some of companies of china whose license is cancelled by the Government but they are doing business illegally. It means that if the company in which you are collaborating your business is having no license then there is no surety of legal compliances in near future.

However sometime there might be possibility that if things doesn’t sync in a right direction, that doesn’t mean that every company is fraud or scammer. The Financial crisis or legal issues can be the reason, but these types of companies definitely registered with the administration of union and state government of China.

That is why it is recommended to deal only with the licensed and government approved company in China.

How to Check a Chinese company is real or not?

There are plenty of ways to identify whether the Chinese company you are collaborating with exists or not.

Does the company has Website?

Today there is hardly any organization or industry in the world that doesn’t have the website. This is the most fundamental identification one can conduct to check website of the respective Chinese company. This is a smart move because in the past many clients have encountered with so many company that doesn’t have the website. Checking for the official website of the Chinese manufacturer slightly reduces your risk but it doesn’t mean that you just need check website only.

First of all you need to check English language search on the internet. Many of the manufacturers in China have an English domain to use for their website. But it is a noticeable thing that Chinese company is always registered and licensed under the Chinese name. If the company don’t have registered you can check it on Baidu or Google, whether the company exists or not.  However, it can help you slightly.

Is the Chinese Company Registered?

Somehow if the company you are dealing is having the website that is not the only criteria to identify that the company is authenticated. You should inspect that the company is authorized and registered with the AIC( Administration of Industry and commerce) in china.

China’s 34 region has AIC and all state have different way of work and in the event, you should browse website and detect the details of registration for the Chinese company.

Each of China’s 34 provinces has its own AIC and they all work slightly differently. In any case, you need to find and visit the bureau’s website and search for registration records for the company using their Chinese name.

Sometime many if the Chinese business continue their business despite their license prohibited by respective authorities. It is necessary to check more and you can visit local AIC and ask them about the updated documentation.

Is the Company has the accurate license to do the business?

If the company appears to be correctly registered with the local AIC, the next step is to request a copy of their business license.

After confirming that company is registered, now check whether they have valid license or not.  This is routine process to ask about license to make sure before doing business. If a company is real or authenticated, they will not hesitate to send all the documentation related to license and registration.

This is a very common request in business deals in China, so if the company you are dealing with puts up any resistance or creates hassle around the issue, be wary. A real company will be perfectly willing to send a copy of their business license.

You can get the help of Chinese company check verification as they are local verification entity and they know how to deal with these legalities.


Above mentioned points are helpful for any person to know that the company of china in which you are thinking of doing business is real or not.  You can take the help of government of china or local AIC, they will definitely help you to identify the real company. Before doing business with any company in china, one need to be sure that, the company is fulfilling the criteria. Every businessman want to play safe and if you are planning to do business outside your country especially in china, it is important to cross check all the possibilities whether the company is approved and licensed or not.   Working with registered company will build the sense of security and trust in the business. Plenty of dubious companies are doing their business in china, so by applying important step mentioned in this article will certainly help you to identify a real company exists in china.


Sourcing is the process of finding suppliers of goods or services.

There is no doubt that Alibaba is the most famous sourcing website you will find.
Nevertheless there are other reputable Chinese sourcing websites that you could try. But before trying, you should know how to verify if company is real or not.                                                                                                                                              Here is a list we have carefully made for you, hoping you will get the best and the
widest sourcing experience.

Best sourcing China

1- Alibaba: Global Trade starts here.                                    

Best sourcing website in China

Launched in 1999, Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global wholesale trade.
They serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Buying products from Alibaba and becoming a Amazon FBA seller is one of the best businesses due to good profit margins.

Alibaba.com brings you hundreds of millions of products in over 40 different major categories, including consumer electronics, machinery and apparel.

2- DHgate: buy globally, sell globally.                            

DHgate.com is the world’s leading online wholesale platform for goods made in China,
connecting international buyers with Chinese wholesale sellers who offer the same
quality products found elsewhere at a fraction of the price.

DHgate hosts over 30 million products in a wide range of categories including Appare  Famous  sourcing website in China
l & Accessories, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Hobbies,
Health & Beauty, Bags & Jewelry,Home, Auto, and more.

3- Made-in-China: Connecting buyers with Chinese suppliers              

Founded in 1998, Made-in-China.com is a leading comprehensive third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China developed and operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd.
It is dedicated to serving the global trade field and providing high-quality Chinese  3 best  sourcing websites in China
products and suppliers information for global buyers.

Nowadays, Made-in-China.com is a world leading B2B portal, specializing in bridging
the gap between global buyers and quality Chinese suppliers.

China’s first B2B e-commerce platform conducting a full review on paid-up suppliers.

4- Global sources : Find them and meet them                                           5 best  sourcing websites in China                                  

Established for 48 years, Global Sources has built a trustworthy B2B platform that serves buyers and suppliers online and offline. The core business facilitates trade between Asia and the world through trade shows (GlobalSources.com/exhibitions), online marketplaces (GlobalSources.com), magazines, and apps.

The company organizes export sourcing shows in Hong Kong every April and October with
eight events annually, including the world’s largest electronics and mobile electronics
shows as well as Lifestyle and Fashion shows.

5- China suppliers                                                                                              10 best  sourcing websites in China

CHINA.CN was founded in 2006 with 200 employees in China, headquartered in Beijing, CHINA.CN is a B2B e-commerce platform which connects global buyers and China suppliers.

6- OFweek                                               

OFweek is a comprehensive web portal in Chinese high-tech industry with over 10 million
members across various fields. Its information covers a wide range of advanced technologies, 8 best  sourcing websites in China
including lighting, LED, solar PV, optical communication, laser, optics, display, electronics engineering, industrial control, robots, smart grid, instrument and meter, sensor, energy conservation and environmental protection, wind power, power supply…

7- AliExpress: Smarter shopping, better living !                           

is a global e-commerce platform made up of small businesses offering a wide variety
2 best  sourcing websites in Chinaof consumer products worldwide. Launched in April 2010, AliExpress is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide by Alibaba

It is used as a sourcing website even if its not it’s first purpose. especially for companies looking to buy with low MOQs.    Sellers on AliExpress are often companies but can also be individuals making which means there is less verification and therefore more scams.           More interesting sourcing websites in China

8- HKTDC                

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body established in 1966 to promote, assist and develop Hong Kong’s trade. With 50 offices globally, including 13 in Mainland China, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a two-way global investment and business hub.

9- ECVV: Challenge your trading                 

Founded in 2003, with the mission of facilitating global trade more efficiently, ECVV are
striving for providing global buyers with the current and quality information on suppliers
and products, and global suppliers with a full package of promotion services.        6  best sourcing websites in China

For the past seven years, we have been dedicated to our industry, and on our platform serviced businesses all over the world. We have assisted many global small-and-medium-sized enterprises to participate in international trade and make more achievement.

10 – MakePolo              

Makepolo.com, founded in 2007, is a search engine for accurate purchase.   Interesting sourcing website in China
We unite 7000 global industry websites covering nearly 40 industries to help suppliers display and promote more than 60 million products.


How to Buy or Import Textile from China?

The textile is simply meant assembly trades like tailoring, and dressmaking or clothing. A textile is any dress materials made of interlacing fibers. The word textile is from Latin, meaning ‘woven’ from text us that means ‘weave’.

An import is a process in which goods fetched into an authority, especially across an overseas from an external source.

In the textile industry, China is the largest in the world in production and export process. In China there are so many textile or clothing manufacturers and suppliers, the most crucial things are to find a supplier who can match your quality and design as you require and also to verify the Chinese company and assure if it’s authentic or not.. During importing textile or garments from China keep in your mind that suppliers consider a product of the same design. There is one of the very important factors that are help to run an effective import business from China is developing mutual trust. Furthermore, you need to treat whoever you are dealing with respectively.

When you are importing or buying textile from China make sure you have to verify suppliers or whole sellers to prevent yourself from scams and fraud. Global Inspection Managing, an inspection company in China can help you with all quality control and audits. Whenever you are going to importer buy textile from Chinese Company you need to follow these terms and conditions:

  • Minimum Order Quantities ( MOQ)
  • Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Delivery respectively  (ETA and ETD)
  • Port of Destination (POD) Pre format Invoice (PI)
  • Full Container Load and Less Container Load ( FCL & LCL
  • Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)
  • Cost and Freight  (C&F)
  • Bill of Landing  (B/L)
  • Ex Works (EXW)
  • Free on Board ( FOB)

Product selection for importing Fabric from China

Before starting the business with China, First you need to decide what kind of product you are going to select that is beneficial for your business. Importing or buying textile from China you need to know about the product. This is one of the crucial processes to take decision while importing.

When you are going to start the business you should have knowledge of following:

  • Importing or buying textile from China chooses that product must be cost-effective.
  • Import small size of the product that is easy to import.
  • When you will import or buy textile from China you start with a relatively small niche.
  • During importing or buying textile from China you need to know about the right product. That is really beneficial for business.

Advantages of Importing or buying textile from China

There are many advantages of importing or buying textile from China .you can introduce in the market as the quality product by importing or buying textile from China, this is the cost-effective process for all importer or buyers.

  • Provides high-quality product in different design and materials.
  • Cost effective for buyers
  • While importing or buying, build a strong relationship with suppliers.
  • By importing quality product at better cost, you would become the leader of the industry.
  • Importing or buying textile helps to introduce new products in the marketplace.


C&A supplier list in china: Some imperatives for China’s manufacturers

C&A Supplier list

As labour price rise and decelerate development dampens the merit of China’s quickly rising supplier output to deliver steady productivity benefit, supplier there will require striving for global levels of direction superior. Energy capacity is a special chance for these companies (see “Seizing China’s energy- competence chance: A matter study”), but away from the just one. Companies expect to various themselves on the other side low-price labour as well as can target their try upstairs (to harness innovation and product-growth Endeavour) or downstream (to pet supply-chain insolubility) or both, depending on the features of a contest in their sectors.

1. Achieve manufacturing excellence

Lean and Six Sigma are not latest to China. Company managers in domestic and multinational firm alike have worked difficult to bring manufacturing-amazing tools and approaches to the realm’s shop floors. But for every many tries, vital capacity remains, primary because company managers in China often target on “difficult” technical equipment at the expenditure of “bland” ones involving mind-sets and Dealing. An immediate lanky-manufacturing change at one kingdom owned enterprise, for instance, fell less of its capacity goal when managers and head failed to complement the otherwise classic technical transformation with the essential bland skills—including leadership—that would have built the transformation stick.

2. Look upstream

For manufacture believing in innovation, the triple whammy of rising costs, complexity, and competitive pressure means that the old method of evolutive production in China now risk becoming liabilities. Staying emulative will need domestic firm and multinationals alike to change, begin with the mind-sets and behaviour that have pervaded production –growth activities in China.

The firm that sustains to base their manufacturing planning only on China’s rock-bottom salary and stratospheric domestic development rates are in for a vulgar awakening. Latest out dare will need latest emulative priorities.

China’s emergence as a supplier power plant has been astonishing. In seventh place, trailing Italy, as immediate as 1980, China not just overtook the United States in 2011 to become the world’s great manufacturer of supplier best but as well as used it is giant manufacturing engine to promotion living task by doubling the country’s GDP per person over the last ten. That accomplishment took the industrializing United Kingdom 150 years.

Today, however, China faces latest out dare as economic development slows, salary and other reason price rise, price chains become extra difficult, and extra complex and required. Moreover, numbers of pressures are rising repugnant the soil surface of an extra elemental macroeconomic tangibility: the nearly indispensable decadence in the relative role of the supplier in China as it gets affluent. Manufacturing development is soon than aggregate economic development, for instance, and evidence advice that the country is beforehand defeated certain latest factory investments to less -cost location, like as Vietnam, sparking anxiety regarding China’s manufacturing emulative.

Needless to say , working in this competitive era and finding the right supplier and performing a china company check is quite challenging. To fulfil the desire of end customers,  the maintenance of quality matters a lot. Asian sub-continent especially China and India has the potential for business, which becomes the core reason that business from different niche are eyeing on the elevated market of these two nations. China is the emperor of raw material and manufacturing goods. Hardly any country that can compete china in manufacturing sector and India is one of the most favoured nations to establish the business. One can see the booming industry of retail and ecommerce here.  The retail giant Walmart has recently acquired 77% shares in Indian Ecommerce Giant Flipkart. Do you know why Walmart has taken this step? Well, by overtaking the Flipkart, Walmart is now spreading its footprint in ecommerce marketing.

This big didn’t happen suddenly, it is obvious that Walmart has analyze the potential of Flipkart and observe that the suppliers and vendors attached to this ecommerce companies are consistent and revenue generator.

Moreover, every business has the rule to meet the expectations of end consumers. The quality and efficiency in manufacturing in raw material and production final goods for consumer is always needed.  A company or person, who is looking for supplier in Asia for his /their goods, will always consider the reputation and quality of the manufacturing unit. Is there any reason left to choose the inferior material or choosing unreliable suppliers. Don’t worry we are a transparent company and always concerned about our consumer, we never hesitate to disclose our trustworthy suppliers, so you can take a look on the list of suppliers that are working with us successfully and adopting elevated quality standards


Concluding all this, we move on the other side the advertisement expects and ecstatic hope for Chinese creation as an absolute, to benefit extra balanced images of this diversified sector.

C & A suppliers list in China :

Name Address Product  Category No of workers
AinaKids Baby Care Textile Co Ltd
Baode Ind Zone Dong Shili Chengdong Town Yongqiao District,234000,Suzhou City Anhui Province
Apparel Accessories
1 1000
Anhui Ehong Clothing Co Ltd
15 02,233300,Bengbu
1 1000
Changshu Kailan Knitting CO Ltd
No8 Penhu RoadDongnan Industrial ZoneChangshuJiangsuChina,215500,Changshu Jiangsu


The business of buying and selling overstock

Close-out sales, liquidation auctions represent ways of acquiring goods at a lower or more competitive price. To not confuse with “destocking” which refers to reducing the amount of stock you are holding, the french word for “destockage” represents the process of reusing what was already in stock, it is the idea of reusing stock that may be unsold, giving it a second chance. A closeout sale refers to the sale of inventory at a discounted price by retail or wholesale, reasons for the sale may vary from bankruptcy, relocation or simply a lack of profit. They can be achieved through direct sales or auction where different buyers offer bids and the highest bidder will get the goods. It is a great way of accessing unsold goods at a better price.

The sectors

Among the sellers, a lot of industries are represented. While close-out sales are famous among large surface retail stores buying products in wholesale and selling them at lower prices, they are used in the whole retail industry alongside overstock sales, and liquidation auctions to purchase from the food industry, cosmetic product industry, home appliances industry, electronics industry etc.

The process of buying and selling overstock

Intermediaries work with suppliers around the world to track overstock, liquidations, canceled orders, returned products, damaged packaging or auction sales and obtain the best prices in order to resell or propose the merchandise to sellers. This process offers the intermediaries such as overstock inventory buyers a huge market and opportunities. Putting it into a real situation, a packaging error with a fully efficient product inside the package would have the consequence of becoming unusable merchandise to the consumers eye, those are opportunities seeked by overstock buyers as they will acquire the goods for a lower price. Certain suppliers or companies may not wish to conduct official buy-out sales or auctions, for that reasons, buyers of overstock inventory track opportunities around the globe by reaching out to those suppliers.

A sustainable solution ?

Societal pressures and the reality of the world’s environmental problems have made the retail sector control its own environmental and social impacts by taking measures tohave a greener supply chain and to favor the development of sustainable products. More consumers choose to buy from brands that are committed to sustainability. Even though it is different from selling overstocked products,the second-hand business model and its current success in the fashion industry is a great example of how a business can incorporate a sustainable strategy.

How is buying and selling overstock helping sustainability ?

On every production, suppliers have to waste goods for a variety of reasons, one being bad inventory management, which will not only lead to financial loss but it will also impact the environment. Whether it is for food or other products, the overstock buying business provides a solution to production waste, it gives a “second life” to products that can’t be sold through their normal distribution process. It allows the recycling of products and increases consumer’s purchasing power.