Seafood quality control

Seafood Quality Control

Illnesses and food poisoning caused by seafood can be a severe issue if left unchecked or unmanaged. As one of the most high-risk categories of food, it’s vitally important to have safety processes in place to prevent severe illness. Quality and freshness are essential characteristics to consider when it comes to testing seafood as well as the sourcing and compliance of seafood from various retailers and brands.

At Global Inspection Managing, we offer exemplary services for the seafood sector, with highly trained and certified food inspection specialists as part of our team. This ensures that a high standard of safety and exceptional professionalism you’d expect from our brand. By certifying our inspectors in-house, we can ensure highly accurate results in all aspects of seafood testing, including:

Our expertise ensures we can work in a wide range of different settings and with all areas of seafood, including fish fillets, portions, whole fish, shellfish, crustaceans, and mollusc. We work to the highest industry standards to provide thorough analysis and testing that’s quick, effective, and well-managed from start to finish.

Our knowledge and expertise in the seafood sector

Global Inspection Managing has a history of providing exceptional services to the broader food industry, and seafood is no exception. Our inspectors are fully trained to complete their work to the highest standards, from the identification and grading of fish and seafood through to the assessment of in-house practices and procedures. We use specifically-designed checklists to cover every aspect of inspection with the same exacting quality every time, in line with local, international, and in-house regulations and specifications.

All laboratory testing we complete as part of a full seafood inspection is according to all required national and international safety testing standards, including:

  • EU Food Law, FSA and EFSA
  • US FDA
  • BG
  • ISO
  • AOAC

For all sampling we undertake in the environments we are testing, the guidelines defined with the World Health Organisation Food Code are followed to the letter. This ensures all seafood QC services are fully representative of shipments and imports, rather than just based on provided samples from suppliers and broader businesses.

Professional seafood safety solutions

We offer the full spectrum of seafood safety solutions, to ensure we’re your single source for all requirements your business, or the businesses you’re working with, may require. The solutions we offer for food safety include:

  • Microbiological testing
  • Grading (A, B or C) for seafood and fish quality
  • Freshness of fish and seafood quality based on physical checked as well as the QIM (quality index method)
  • Identification and testing of biotoxins, histamines and heavy metals
  • Size control evaluation and standards or uniform production
  • Drip loss and glazed testing to prevent and identify food fraud
  • International regulations checks for defectives, alongside national standards and specifications

High-quality auditing

Alongside our professional seafood inspections, carried out by highly qualified internal inspectors, we also offer expert seafood audits, to provide you with a clear and accurate picture of the compliance and ethical standards within the supply chain for seafood in your business. These services include:

  • Ethical auditing: Investigating the working conditions, social compliance and other standards of your business and wider company
  • GHP Hygiene auditing: Ensuring your business meets international standards and regulations defined for hygiene
  • GMP Good Manufacturing Practices auditing: Supporting businesses to match GMP compliance requirements and ensuring a higher standard of safety in your supply chain

Why choose Global Inspection Managing?

As experts in our field with years of experience working with foods of all types, we’re the outsourced inspection service you want for your business. We provide comprehensive seafood QC services worldwide, ensuring the utmost professionalism in the solutions we offer. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business meet compliance requirements, and perform accurate food safety testing with meaningful results.

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