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Quality Control in Kenya

Africa is a global hub for business and Kenya is certainly one of the most important countries on the continent. Found on Africa's Eastern Coast, it exports billions of goods around the world annually. This means that Kenya is home to a thriving local economy and business sector. The top industries here are those which deal in producing fresh flowers, coffee, meat, fish, tea, gems, vegetables and pharmaceuticals.
If you own a business in Kenya in sectors such as this, superior levels of quality control are needed to be a success. Global Inspection Managing provide outstanding services in this area and can help your Kenyan-based business grow. Our inspection and control services are available in all major Kenyan cities with just 48 hours notice in most cases. But just what kind of help can we deliver?

Production Monitoring Service in Kenya

When it comes to any kind of manufacturing operation in Kenya, total accountability is vital. The stringent production monitoring we provide allows you to achieve this. It will dig deep into your whole operation and ascertain how closely your guidelines are being followed internally.Whether it is how tea leaves are processed for sale or perform a meat quality control procedure, we can help. Our team of qualified inspectors will randomly test single units and advise on the resolution of any issues flagged up. Our tests come with the ability for total customisation and daily reporting.

Lab Testing and Inspection

You may also find our lab testing and inspection service in Kenya helpful. Whether it is destructive or non-destructive tests you need, we can handle it. Our skilled team can also carry out metallurgy and chemical tests if required. The raw material inspection we carry out will look at individual components you produce and pick out any flaws. From cracking to shrinking, we can help your business in Kenya spot any issues in goods before they are shipped. All testing is done in line with local Kenyan laws and your own company policy.

Factory Audit in Kenya

Manufacturing is a massive industry in Kenya with businesses producing clothes and pharmaceuticals among other things. But how do you know that your own factory is working as it should? The answer lies in the thorough manufacturing audits we offer. We will be able to review the processes in your own factory and make sure your specifications are being followed. Our auditing service also allows you to check that any suppliers in your chain are working to the expected standards. By using great value pricing and internationally respected systems, we can help you stay in full control.

Pre-shipment Inspection in Kenya

A pre-shipment inspection is vital for any business based there. From food inspection which makes sure meat or fish is suitable for sending to confirming correct quantities of flowers are being dispatched, our team can make sure everything is as it should be. Shipping goods which arrive in bad condition or in the wrong amounts is seriously bad for business! The pre-shipping inspections we provide to Kenyan businesses gives you total peace of mind that this will not be an issue.

Price: From 289 USD all inclusive per man/day.


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