Footwear testing

Footwear Quality Control

The garment industry is one of the most scrutinised in the world when it comes to quality control in terms of both the products themselves and the manufacturing process. This can be a very expensive process to enforce yourself, but the only thing more expensive than carrying out these checks is not carrying them out, which can lead to loss of trust and business or even fines and legal action. So how do you make sure that the highest quality standards are held to in your footwear production, without breaking the bank? That's where Global Inspection Managing comes in.

Shoes and other Footwear Quality Inspection

By using our services, you gain access to a wealth of industry-specific experts who can help you in factories around the world for a very competitive price. Our inspectors and advisors have years of experience in the footwear industry, as well as knowledge of the latest standards. We also conduct various types of factory audits and have access to high-tech equipment in laboratories, that will ensure your results are as quick, simple and accurate as possible.

Footwear testing expertise

We know that your footwear company is held to a variety of standards in markets around the world and that there are all kinds of product-specific metrics that need to be tested to ensure a quality product, which is why you should trust our team's knowledge and expertise. Our inspectors can test a huge range of variables in your footwear products depending on your needs, including everything from bonding, colour variation and fatigue all the way to complex metrics like barcode integrity, mould contamination reports and care labelling.

Factory and process inspection

As well as the specific product that you make, our team are able to audit and inspect the whole production process from start to finish in your own facilities or those of your suppliers. This applies for quality control and efficiency purposes, so we can ensure both that the work is being done to high standards and that it is being done in the most cost-effective way possible. Using this information, you can then fix issues that might cause problems further down the line, or tighten up processes that might be costing you money unnecessarily.

Footwear lab testing expertise

Not all issues are immediately obvious, and your quality control is the last place you are able to test your products before they go out into the world, so getting that in-depth information on a representative sample of your products can be invaluable. Using our extensive lab facilities, we can perform a variety of tests to ensure your products meet the world's most stringent standards that go beyond the more simple surface testing you may currently carry out. We can test for harmful substances, corrosion, slip resistance, fire safety and chemical composition in order to meet standards around the world from North America to Europe and Asia - making sure you're able to sell in these markets, keeping your customers safe from harm and keeping your company safe from legal liability claims.

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