About Us

Global Inspection Managing is a global quality assurance firm, ensuring businesses throughout the world are able to maximise their potential and maintain quality standards throughout their operation. We work with clients in a broad range of industries - everything from fresh produce, to textiles and manufacturing, and even the provision of lab testing services.
This is down to the fact that our team boasts a wealth of experience, blending both real-world understanding and knowledge of relevant industry regulations.

Who we are

At our heart, Global Inspection Managing is a business with a passion for quality. We want every business to be the best they can be, which relies on ensuring quality control standards are maintained throughout the production process.
This applies everywhere - from raw material storage to production, lab testing, and even the provision of pre-delivery inspections to ensure the final products meet the same standards of quality. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a comprehensive service for all manner of businesses - no stone is left unturned in our audit.

To ensure these standards of quality, we're consistently making sure that we're abreast of the latest developments in both international and industry-specific regulation. We don't just operate on general principles and standards of quality, we operate on the specific guidelines set out in the regulations and legislation governing your industry.

Our team

A business is only as good as the people that work for it, and at Global Inspection Managing our team are our pride. We have 128 employees from all over the world. Our staff are from a diverse range of cultural and professional backgrounds, ensuring we're able to provide the broadest spread of insight.
From our Hong Kong base, our team travels throughout the world on a daily basis ensuring quality control standards are being met and that businesses are allowed to reach their true potential. We have many happy clients in Asia, Africa, Europe, and indeed every continent on the globe. Quality, after all, is a truly global language.

Our purpose is to elevate every business we work with - our clients want and deserve the best, and it's our job to ensure they're doing everything they need in order to be able to achieve it. That is our duty and our purpose.

Your friendly team

Ultimately when you work with Global Inspection Managing, it's our goal to help you improve. You'll find our whole team to be courteous, experienced, and highly efficient throughout the auditing process and the following consultation.
Making your business the best it can be requires that you understand where you can make improvements at every stage of your production chain. The service we provide is a minimal investment but ensures a maximum return.                                                                                    

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