Quality Control In Cameroon

Located in Central Africa, Cameroon is home to around 25 million people and many businesses. This sees organizations here not only ship goods internally but also externally. The European Union is a major trade partner, with almost half of the goods Cameroon exports ending up there.

Top industries in this country include food, agriculture, mining and energy. This sees goods such as fish, meat, petroleum, electrical machinery, gold, aluminium, coffee, cocoa beans and rubber products being produced here.

For any business owner in Cameroon, being able to ship top quality goods in the right quantity and to the correct spec is essential. This will help you to deliver what the customer expects and build up a reputation for honesty. Here at Global Inspection Managing, we provide internationally certified testing, inspection and quality control across the country to help.

Pre-shipment inspection in Cameroon

Pre-shipment inspecting is a necessity for many businesses across multiple sectors in Cameroon. Whether it is raw material inspection to check coffee before it ships or to check that the right number of fish are in a shipment, it is not something to miss out. The pre-shipping inspections we offer are a great option so you can have peace of mind that everything is at it should be before it goes out. Our fast service for goods inspection in Cameroon will mean you always know your goods are in top condition and in the right amounts before they get sent out.

First-class monitoring of production

Why not let our team of highly experienced inspectors make sure your business production lines are running as they should be? Any company in Cameroon must be sure that their manufacturing processes are being followed properly to guarantee the best results.

Good examples of this are making sure any rubber products your company manufactures are made properly or the aluminium you manufacture is to the required standard. We will test single units at random to flag up any issues and then advise on the best way to fix them.

Factory audit in Cameroon

As we have already noted, Cameroon is a huge country for manufacturing with companies producing machinery, mineral fuels and cotton. A key part of any manufacturing business here is knowing that your factory is working as intended. Our detailed manufacturing audits make it easy to keep on top of this and make sure goods are being produced to the right guidelines.

If you use external suppliers in your chain to fulfil orders, we can also audit them on your behalf. We use a globally recognised system that offers total control to business owners.

Lab testing services

Many business owners in Cameroon find our lab inspection and testing service very useful. We can carry out a range of tests in a lab setting from chemical analysis to non-destructive testing. We will carry out raw material inspection on things like cocoa beans to ensure they match up to the required standards.

We can also check any individual manufacturing components or units you make to check for flaws like shrinking or cracking. All the lab testing we carry out will be done in strict accordance with individual company policies and also laws in Cameroon itself.

Quality control in Cameroon with Global Inspection Managing

On top of the best food inspection and quality control services in Cameroon, we can help in other ways including video inspection. With only 48 hours notice needed to arrange an inspection in most cases, our services are available all across Cameroon. From Yaoundé to Douala and anywhere in-between, call today for more details.

Price: From 289 USD all inclusive per man/day.

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Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

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