Food Inspection Services

Food poisoning, contamination and other pressing issues can be a severe problem for any business if left unmanaged or not adequately controlled.

As many as 1 in 10 individuals become ill due to eating contaminated foods, and food-borne diseases have a fatality rate of over 420 thousands. It’s incredibly important to ensure you’re up-to-date and up to code when it comes to food safety needs for your company – from meats and grains through the seafood and other food resources.

At Global Inspection Managing, we’re experts in food inspection, offering highly trained services in the inspection area completed by competent and certified specialists. This commitment to excellence ensures the same high standards of professionalism, and expert safety, that you’d expect from a worldwide brand. Our inspectors are certified for food inspection in-house and can ensure higher degrees of food safety through:

Factory and food supply-based inspections

Accurate and effective lab testing procedures

Ongoing regular inspections and audits for all food product areas, including assistance with product supplier compliance

Our unique experience and global expertise ensure we’re able to provide exemplary services across every area of the food supply chain, from processing to farming, shipping to importing. We also offer expert food safety and inspection services for the food service industries, as well as on-site for retailers.

Every step of the food supply process appropriately inspected

Global Inspection Managing is well-known for offering exceptional-standard services to the quality control food industry as a whole, thanks to our high standards and fully certified in-house staff. We’re ready and waiting to provide laboratory testing, auditing and inspections to ensure the highest level of food safety in every stage of the supply process, including:

  • Food safety audits and ethical inspections for growers, farms and fisheries
  • Inspection of exporting and processing facilities, including temperature control, pre-shipment and dispatch alongside packaging auditing
  • Safety audits spot-checked at random for large-scale food shipping companies, as well as smaller businesses
  • Arrival, re-packing and dispatch inspections for importers, including temperature control
  • Premises inspection at on-site stores and distribution centres for all food products
  • Food safety audits across a range of different environments and specifications for the food service and hospitality industries

Our highly trained staff are ready and waiting to provide the same exceptional level of care, and fast results, that your business needs. Food safety should be the utmost priority for any business that directly deals with food products, which makes our job even more critical.

Expert food safety solutions

Alongside our inspections and auditing services, we provide food safety solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, to ensure their legal and ethical obligations are met for the handling of food and food-related materials. Our certified inspectors can ensure that specific practices are in place and that your business is fully compliant with required regulations and laws, including:

  • Cleaning, sanitisation and management of surfaces and utensils that come into contact with food
  • Implementation of pest control solutions that are effective and long-lasting
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene amongst employees and other staff
  • Correct storage and management of food in terms of environment, equipment and temperature
  • Clear identification of all food allergies, intolerances and sickness incidents

Our certified team are equipped to spot any issues relating to food hygiene and safety, leading to reduced problems with poisoning and sickness as well as full compliance with laws and regulations. For businesses in need of an experienced, professional service for food inspection anywhere in the world, Global Inspection Managing is the team to call.

The GIM Advantage

GIM's team of inspectors, auditors and lab experts are specialized by industry to ensure your products meet all safety and performance standards for your destination market.

Global coverage, local expertise
Detailed reports and photographic evidence
Reports posted online within 24 hours of completion
Dedicated and knowledgeable account managers

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