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Put simply, we make sure you're the best you can be. When you run a busy business, it's easy for small mistakes to begin to appear in your production chain. Those small mistakes can, over time, turn into much larger errors which may ultimately cost you dearly. Litigation, fines, and damage to your business reputation are all potential results.

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We allow companies to identify the small and large mistakes they're making, but don't realise. These mistakes often ultimately cause production issues like delays and products that aren't fit for the market. Not noticing these small errors is easily done when you have a busy production schedule, an active workforce, and deadlines to meet.

When errors occur, however, there can be consequences. Poor quality produce can lead to customers sending products back, either directly to you or to the companies that you supply. Ultimately this damages your cashflow, and in time it may make your relationship with all those businesses you supply suffer if ongoing problems aren't resolved.

The issues can get even more severe if you deal with fresh produce. Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and dairy that aren't fit for human consumption or don't meet official standards of quality can potentially cause health concerns. This raises the likelihood of you having to make a compensation payment.

Along with that, there are potential fines, litigation costs, as well as a damaging negative public image to deal with.

Why choose us?

So quality control matters, but why choose Global Inspection Managing specifically? Simply put, we're the best at what we do. We offer our service throughout Asia, Europe, and the world beyond, and have worked with countless clients to ensure that quality control standards remain appropriate and that standards are consistently met. We work with companies specialising in all industries, whether it's fresh produce, manufacturing, lab testing and much more.

Our service works in tune with your business operation - we take pride in the fact that we can offer a complete manufacturing audit, lab testing, or pre-delivery inspection without damaging the flow of your workforce.

With a service tailored to your needs, and the ability to have a comprehensive report drawn up no more than 18 hours after the completion of your audit, there has never been an easier way to improve your business.

We offer our services around the world, so wherever your business calls home, we can help you.

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GIM's team of inspectors, auditors and lab experts are specialized by industry to ensure your products meet all safety and performance standards for your destination market.

Global coverage, local expertise
Detailed reports and photographic evidence
Reports posted online within 24 hours of completion
Dedicated and knowledgeable account managers
GIM Inspectors Are Available From As Little As 269 USD Per Day
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