Quality control in Bangladesh

Global Inspection Managing are your first port of call for the best quality control services around Bangladesh, servicing all major cities across the nation. Rely on us for reporting within 24 hours, and inspections scheduled within 48 hours.

Production monitoring in Bangladesh

The production monitoring support from GIM means you can make your factory processes completely accountable. We scrutinise the implementation of your own operations, identifying defects before eliminating them. You will have the final say on customising the testing process to meet your needs, and our daily reporting will keep you in the loop every step of the way during the inspection itself. Global Inspection Managing uses a statistical sampling system which is internationally recognised, offering you the accuracy and clarity which counts.

No matter how large your site or organisation, GIM has the depth in personnel to perform a full inspection within agreed timelines. Our production monitoring support includes the provision of full corrective action plans in response to findings. With our expert guidance, you can improve product quality and increase operational efficiency.

Pre-shipment inspection in Bangladesh

Whatever kind of trade operator you are in Bangladesh - from exporters to suppliers - you can benefit from our pre-shipment inspection which ensures that products are in ideal condition before delivery. We conduct quality and quantity tests, as well as safety assessments and conformity verification.

Textile quality control Bangladesh

We are the first choice for Bangladesh's significant textile industry, giving exporters peace of mind that their products are meeting both quality and safety standards. We offer cloth inspection can count on, assuring you that clothes, fabrics, headwear, footwear and leather goods are in optimum condition and ready for wholesale.

Lab testing Bangladesh

Our highly experienced and fully trained operatives test and analyse your materials, components and other composites, as part of our destructive or non-destructive audits. Our effective processes - which adhere to the relevant regulatory code like raw material inspection are able to identify defects such as porosity, shrinkage and lack of fusion.

Factory Audit in Bangladesh

Our manufacturing audit can be essential to ensuring that your production specifications are being met constantly. You may want to arrange for an audit in your own factory, or the plant of one of your suppliers - whatever the purpose, you will benefit from an internationally recognised quality management system which can assure you of a manufacturing site's production capability, organisation and workflow.

Other services

We also offer services such as; video inspection, which is ideal for hard to reach areas of your site; and ethical audit, which is designed to identify malpractice along the supply chain, allowing you to root out corruption which could be negatively impacting your business. Our offerings include footwear and shoe manufacturing quality control to ensure that footwear is comfortable and durable enough for use.

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Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program


Answers to some of the most common questions & concerns.

How do you provide quality control in Bangladesh?
In order to provide the best quality control in Bangladesh, we have a highly skilled and experienced team who will create in-depth inspection criteria as well as a list of quality control checks that you wish to carry out. Our local quality control experts in Bangladesh will then carry out a detailed inspection of the factory and your items, and then complete a full report.
How quickly can you do a factory inspection in Bangladesh?
We're proud to offer incredibly fast quality control inspections in Bangladesh and can arrange a visit to the factory within 48 hours. We have a large team who offer both laboratory testing Bangladesh and inspections for textile quality Bangladesh. We will also make sure you get your report as soon as possible, in as little as 24 hours for the most up to date and accurate results.
How is textile testing in Bangladesh carried out?
The textile testing process in Bangladesh is handled by our highly trained staff on the ground. We provide a wide range of laboratory testing options, including solubility tests, microscopic tests, burn tests and they can also inspect products for quality and test raw materials. Whatever textile testing you require, whether it's for sports goods, clothing items or fabric, we've got the team to get you real-time results you can count on.

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