Beverage Testing

At Global Inspection Managing, we offer smart solutions for beverage safety. As anyone who has worked in the food and drinks industry will be well aware, beverage inspections are vital for keeping consumers safe and avoiding reputational damage to businesses.

Hundreds of beverages are recalled every year due to cross-contamination with plastics, chemicals or allergens, as well as other safety concerns surrounding, for example, fermentation or spoilage.

It is imperative, therefore, that businesses selling beverages ensure that the products they sell are compliant with relevant rules and regulations designed to keep consumers safe.

We offer comprehensive testing and quality control services across all beverage categories, helping retailers to ensure that high-quality products reach their shelves. Our beverage audits are conducted on-site and in the lab.

During an inspection, our expert quality control team will ascertain whether your beverages are stored, manufactured, and shipped in line with the safety regulations set out by your destination market, as well as with your personal specifications. We also offer clients certification under a range of international schemes such as sustainable coffee-sourcing programmes.

We Offer Quality Control Tests For Beverages Across The Following Categories

  • Still and carbonated soft drinks
  • Natural and bottled mineral water
  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Tea and coffee
  • Supplements and sports drinks
  • Alcohol , including wines, beers, spirits, and ciders
  • Milk-based drinks
  • Infant formula

Make The Most Of Our Beverage In-Process Testing Expertise

Global Inspection Managing boasts a team of dedicated and knowledgeable product testers. Our on-site inspectors, for example, are able to assess your products at every stage of their production process to ensure that they comply with the relevant specifications.

Once they have done this, they will draw up a detailed report for your reference. This report will give you all the knowledge you need about your products before they are shipped, benefits of product inspection, allowing you to effectively manage your supply chain and avoid the financial losses that often come with defective products.

Testing at our laboratories is thorough and swift, delivering reliable information about the quality and safety of your production lot. Indeed, we follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) Food Code guidelines, as well as the international ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) sampling rules for every order we receive.

Quality Control Of Beverages

Still and carbonated soft drinks

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and hygiene audits
  • Production monitoring
  • Process assessment
  • Packaging testing
  • Microbiological assessments
  • Tests for contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides
  • Shelf-life tests
  • Radiological and chemical tests

Comprehensive Beverage Audits

Our beverage audits offer effective solutions to assess different aspects of the manufacturing processes involved in your supply chain. These include:

  • Hygiene audits to ensure that your beverages are in line with international health and safety standards
  • GMP audits to help you secure relevant compliance across your supply chain
  • Quality Management System audits to give you a comprehensive overview of your supplier’s oversight processes and quality management credentials
  • Ethical audits to ensure that your products are not associated with labour abuses. This is particularly important for companies sourcing beverages from overseas


We are able to provide businesses with certification for the following schemes:

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCp)

Coffee sourcing schemes including UTZ and 4C

Coffee sourcing schemes including UTZ and 4C

The GIM Advantage

GIM's team of inspectors, auditors and lab experts are specialized by industry to ensure your products meet all safety and performance standards for your destination market.

Global coverage, local expertise
Detailed reports and photographic evidence
Reports posted online within 24 hours of completion
Dedicated and knowledgeable account managers


Answers to some of the most common questions & concerns.

What is beverage testing?
Beverage testing refers to the process of evaluating various attributes and characteristics of beverages, such as liquids intended for consumption, to ensure their quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. This testing is conducted by manufacturers, regulatory bodies, quality control organizations, and research institutions to ensure that beverages meet specific criteria and are safe for consumption.
How do companies perform soft drinks testing ?
Soft drinks testing is crucial to ensure that consumers receive safe, consistent, and high-quality beverages. Here's an overview of how soft drinks testing is typically carried out:
  • Sample Collection
  • Chemical Composition Analysis
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Stability Testing
  • Quality Control and Assurance
How do you conduct beverage quality control?
Conducting beverage quality control involves a series of systematic steps to ensure that beverages meet predetermined quality, safety, and regulatory standards. Here's a general outline of how beverage quality control is typically carried out:
  • Establish Quality Standards
  • Testing and Analysis
  • Allergen and Contaminant Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Corrective Actions
  • Supplier Evaluation
What are the parameters to analyze beverages?
Beverage analysis involves assessing key parameters to ensure quality and safety. Physical attributes like color, appearance, and viscosity provide visual cues. Chemical composition, including sugar content, acidity, and flavor compounds, affects taste and nutrition. Microbiological assessment checks for harmful microorganisms and spoilage. Sensory evaluation gauges flavor, aroma, and texture. Safety parameters identify allergens and contaminants. Packaging integrity is crucial for preserving quality. Regulatory compliance ensures adherence to standards. Stability testing determines shelf life. Collectively, these parameters ensure beverages meet high standards, from taste and safety to regulatory requirements.

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