Quality Control in South Africa

Doing business in South Africa can involve anything from precious metals to foodstuff. All goods produced in this country will always have one priority at the fore though; a need to check quality and specification conformity.

If you’re investing in a South African business, setting up a new commercial partnership or validating your existing supply chain, having enough transparency and control can be a challenge.

Fortunately, Global Inspection Managing offers services that dig deep into this African nation’s manufacturing, chemical, agricultural and metallurgical businesses, including expert food inspection. We can be on-site meeting specific quality project briefs within 48hours, which will result in comprehensive reporting to international standards within 24 hours of our visit

Production Monitoring in South Africa

Your trade within South Africa may well involve such items as diamonds, gold, chrome, manganese, platinum, and vermiculite, or a myriad of other metals and chemicals, or perhaps your business is in coal, fruits or other South African foods.

Having quality control in South Africa in place can be vital to the success of your joint ventures and supply contracts. We provide this expert inspection in South Africa from Cape Agulhas in the South to the border with Zimbabwe in the North.

Production monitoring reports will take account of processes used in South African business settings, but also the calibre and consistency of all products. We use advanced analytics to adhere to internationally recognised statistical sampling standards on performance, functionality and durability. Random testing of units provides additional reassurance on quality and match to your specifications. It’s a superb way of stopping defective or inadequate goods leaving the site.

Inspecting export consignments from South Africa

Our services extend beyond quality inspecting South African factories, plants and other business sites. We can also carry out pre-shipment inspection South Africa, doing checks and testing on individual orders from this African location.

This will drill down on the adherence to quality and safety standards, but also the ways your goods match your requirements on such issues as quantity, colour, weight marking, labelling and packaging.

Manufacturing audit in South Africa

We also offer factory audit services to entire south African business operations, to give our clients commercial peace of mind. The return on investment can be substantial, including avoiding costly errors, delays and unreliable supply chain arrangements.

Your South African business partner, subsidiary, supplier or wholly-owned company can be audited against international standards of management, quickly and thoroughly with in-depth reports produced in days.

Lab Testing in South Africa

The same expertise and experience can be applied to thoroughly quality checking R&D and laboratory operations in South Africa. This provides you with the assurance that materials, components, parts and innovations from this country accurately match your needs and expectations.

Our highly trained lab inspectors can offer destructive and non-destructive testing, raw material inspection as well as chemical and metallurgical analysis.

The price of quality inspection in South Africa

To some degree, the question should be how much would it cost if you didn’t have quality checks and monitoring in place, in South African businesses?
However, our swift and thorough testing, inspection and auditing services are available for one clear, reliable price, and based solely on the level of complexity and location of the brief. Keep in mind that our experts can go beyond process and product checking too. You could commission us to investigate wider management practices, rooting out illegal, unethical or commercially unattractive problems.
The first step to gaining greater transparency and control of quality issues is to ask for a speedy quote and action plan matched to your commercial needs in South Africa.
Price: From 289 USD all inclusive per man/day.

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Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

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