Food Quality Control

Food Quality Control

For producers of food, inspections are a necessity. Although at times food inspections can feel like time-consuming bureaucracy, employing the right checks at an earlier stage can save a lot of time and money later down the line. That's why we have worked incredibly hard to create an inspection that helps producers and servers of food to streamline their processes and find flaws that they may not have spotted themselves.

The importance of food inspections

To ensure consistent quality for producers, regular food inspections are incredibly important. We recommend that these inspections are carried out as often as possible, especially when the production chain has been changed to a new system. Food inspections are also valuable to producers for the reasons given below:

  • Identification of damages caused during transportation
  • The avoidance of safety recalls at a later date due to an unsafe production environment
  • To ensure all required standards are met for target markets and legal regulations
  • For the improvement of brand reputation, and a more trusting relationship with the consumer as a result

    Regular food inspections will help you as a producer to remain vigilant at all times. Word is also likely to spread for any producer who chooses to have regular inspections, promoting such companies as great examples that run their factories with care. This is of course great for the brand, and great for business as a result!

How to book in a food inspection with us?

Scheduling a food inspection for your company is an easy process. Contact us if you'd like more details before proceeding, or alternatively go ahead and fill out our online form with all the required details. Please note that for your own easy, you'll need the below information easily accessible:

  • Descriptions of relevant products
  • Factory details
  • Method for sampling
  • Common defects for the inspection to focus on
  • Main required tests to be carried out
  • Photos of the products

Choose a trusted inspection provider

Once you've sent over the details mentioned above, we will be able to assess your requirements for the food inspection process and contact you to schedule in your inspection - it's as easy as that. We're also happy to give you a quote ahead of time, based realistically upon your requirements. We'll then do all the legwork at our end, creating a details protocol to be followed for the inspection at the specified location. We're also happy to reschedule our inspection in the instance circumstances change, in cases where due warning is given.
When our inspector visits your site, they will engage quietly with those involved in food preparation to carry out standardised food inspection steps. We pride ourselves on the incorporation of food inspection services into the working day in way that does not cause too much stress or interference. We've now got years of food inspection expertise under our belt, and are well known for our efficient and detailed inspection service. Please get in touch today for more information or to book in an inspection.

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