Food Laboratory Testing

Food Testing

There is now heavy global regulation of the food cultivation, production, preparation and delivery industries. From field to table, there is also immense supply chain pressure, requiring that you prove both the quality and composition of foodstuffs with 100% assurance. 

You must also be able to demonstrate the highest possible standards in how you handle and prepare produce to win and retain contracts, as well as to back up any environmental and quality claims and meet your ethical duties to consumers.

As all of this requires microscopic attention to detail, you need access to a laboratory that specialises in food testing and certification for meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables. 

Global Inspection Managing invests in staying ahead of our clients’ international and national compliance targets. We have also developed an unparalleled understanding of the potential hazards that create serious commercial risks within the food sector. 

Comprehensive and professional laboratory testing

Our advanced technologies and skills can support all stages of the food production cycle. Wherever you are based in the world, we provide swift and reliable results. We offer the following food laboratory tests:

Meat laboratory test
Seafood laboratory test
• Fruit and vegetable laboratory test

Our expert food analysis will alert you quickly to the presence of pathogens, pollutants or allergens, and will provide you with data to help you investigate the source. 

We provide international food analysis services that include laboratory testing for:

• Pesticides
• Dioxins 
• Heavy metals
• Microbiological plate counts of yeast and fungi
• Enterobacterium (including salmonella, shigella, or E. coli)
• Viral contaminates (including norovirus)
• Potential allergen presence (such as peanuts, gluten, milk and sesame)
• Genetically modified organisms
• Nutritional composition
• Food DNA data

This is not a complete list of our food testing and certification services. Please contact us to discuss how our expertise and advanced technologies can meet your quality and composition objectives. 

The benefits of using Global Inspection Managing food testing

We provide global food industry clients with detailed data that can evidence compliance to various international quality standards and regulations. This analysis and certification may now also be demanded by your customers.

Having Global Inspection Managing in your quality assurance team will also manage some of the commercial risks you face, including helping you to avoid expensive downtime or dips in productivity due to complex investigations and failed inspections. Our services can also help to prevent product recalls, which can be expensive and can damage your reputation for some time. 

Also, any undetected cultivation, production and handling oversights and mistakes that result in health issues can bring more risk to your business than substantial fines. Some organisations never recover from this type of commercial crisis.

The first step to securing 100% reliable food testing services

Contact us to request a quote for our rapid food analysis services and regular laboratory testing and certification contracts for foodstuffs at all stages of their life cycle.

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