Quality Control in America

The continents of South and North America offer diverse economies and opportunities for international trade and investment over a vast area. Finding a team of quality management experts covering all countries and types of business can seem impossible.

However, that’s exactly what Global Inspection Managing does.

We can provide reliable and thorough quality control in North America and South America. Our services are matched to your commercial needs and aims, and including monitoring, auditing, lab testing and pre-shipment inspections.
Insightful quality control South America and North America can be arranged in just 48 hours and comprehensive reports arrive within 24 hours.

Production Monitoring in America

A high proportion of the land in the western hemisphere is encapsulated by these two mighty continents. Countries there have different issues with accessibility, climate and economic sophistication – from the wealth of the USA to the emerging food industries of Latin America, such as those in Peru and Chile. Some South American nations are further advanced with their industry and commerce – such as Argentina and Brazil. Similarly, we also provide inspection and quality control in Mexico and Colombia. They all have something in common, the need to produce and export goods that are fit for purpose and quality assured.

Monitoring quality in massive plants and manufacturing centres in North America can be just as challenging as inspecting a remote factory in rural Ecuador unless you have Global Inspection Managing in your team.
We can be on-site swiftly for a thorough monitoring project of any kind throughout the Western hemisphere.

America's Pre-shipment Inspection

Our quality monitoring services extend beyond individual manufacturing, engineering, agricultural and chemical sites in the Americas. We can also apply international quality standards to individual consignments of goods. This can ensure testing for such things as quantity accuracy, flawless quality, adherence to safety requirements and compliance to colour, weight marking and labelling.

Factory Inspection in North and South America

If you are investing in a business in this part of the world, tying up a new commercial partnership, or checking supply chain credentials, our experts offer in-depth audit services. The analytics and perspectives provided will avoid waste, delays, errors or inability to fulfil contracts.

Lab Testing in America

To be sure that components, parts and materials purchased from South and North America meet your exacting standards, independent R&D inspection can be vital.This is another way our highly skilled professionals offer peace of mind and detailed intelligence for clients managing businesses remotely or relying on laboratories in Latin America or North America. Laboratory testing could include destructive and non-destructive investigations, plus chemical and metallurgical analysis.

Why choose Global Inspection Managing

All our quality-related services in the western hemisphere are bespoke to each client and carried out to internationally certified standards. Any testing of products relies on the most advanced statistical sampling techniques, and random inspection of individual units – to classify them on performance, functionality and durability.
Our highly trained team can also look beyond processes and products, to inspect the management credentials of Latin America or North American companies. This is the ideal way to uncover such issues as unethical or unreliable business practices.
No matter how deeply we dig, or how remote the business is, we offer one clear, fair price, and the assurance of a swift response and reporting service. We provide you with vital transparency and control over South American and North American business deals.

End-to-end Solutions for Quality Improvement

We ensure that your garments are safe, free from unwanted
materials, and compliant with relevant legislation
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Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

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