Electrical & Electronics

If you sell or rent out electronic items to clients, it's essential that you check them carefully to ensure that they don't pose any danger.

Lots of things can go wrong in the supply chain and production process of an electrical product. From malfunctions which pose fire risks to the unintended emittance of anti-social noise, the quality of electrical items can dip in unexpected ways. Working to reduce the risk of this happening is essential – and one way is to procure QC tailored for the electrical and electronic industry.

Safety services

An experienced electronics inspection professional like those employed by Global Inspection Managing is a good call.

Electrics and electronics inspection expertise can really pay dividends, as it means that the professionals who work with you know what they are looking for – and are hence much less likely to miss something crucial which could impact the safety of your users.

Our team of almost 70 members of staff can come to you to carry out checks, and they regularly do travel across the world to provide electrics and electronics testing expertise.

Depending on the nature of your product or service, the sort of testing they might recommend can differ. From a safety perspective, an example of a common option might be the earth continuity test.

This highly complex mathematical approach can help determine whether or not users of your item are at risk of electric shock – so not only is it the right thing to do to reduce the risk of this, it's also important to prevent the chances of legal repercussions for your firm.

Efficiency testing

From your customer's perspective, buying a new electrical item is no good if that item goes on to sap power and push up their domestic or commercial energy bills.

A power consumption test by one of our professionals, however, can alert you to this problem well in advance – and allow you to make changes to your manufacturing or procurement processes to solve the issue.

Advanced technology

Electrical equipment has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and these days electrical items are often microchip-powered as well.

From a quality control perspective, this means there is a bit more to think about than before. If you produce wireless devices, for example, you might want to think about a test to determine how far away from the network source your devices can work.

This kind of investment in quality control can reduce the risk that customers will complain further down the line about bad connectivity, so it's well worth doing.

Here at Global Inspection Managing, we're dedicated to helping you raise your quality standards to the highest level possible – and protecting both your clients and your reputation against the damage that can be caused by low quality.

If you produce and distribute electrical goods, it's especially important that you hire someone to carry out QC tailored for the electrical and electronic industry given the clear safety and productivity dimensions involved.

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