Textile And Fabrics Testing

Any trusted producer in the textile and fabrics industry understands the importance of the thorough testing of materials before they enter the market.

That’s why we’ve been working tirelessly to create an inspection experience with a difference. We have extensive textiles lab testing expertise and understand that testing can be a stressful process for companies.

This is something that has increasingly been the case in recent years, now countries all over the world have begun waking up to the possibility that the cheapest fabrics are most definitely not the greatest.

Our textile and fabric tests and inspection reports have an incredibly fast turnaround time because we understand that the identification of potential issues with the production line is so important and time-sensitive for many modern textile producers.

What will the textile and fabrics production test involve

We’ll work through a series of physical and mechanical qc tailored for the textiles industry, designed to put your products through their paces. Our services are appropriate for the producers of all modern textiles, including home textiles such as curtains and carpets, rolls of fabric, and textiles for use within other products such as items of clothing and toys.

The emphasis on our tests is with initial quality control, as well as the testing of the materials themselves at a later date once it has been established that they have passed this initial control check.

We’ll carry out checks on-site for all the materials you produce, working through our tried and tested checklist. We’ll be happy to discuss with you in advance any ways we might need to tailor this testing experience. For example, if you as a procedure emphasise the performance of your materials even in the most extreme weather conditions, we can increase the intensity of our tests relating to waterproofing/windproofing/thermal and water vapour resistance.

Textile Physical Lab Testing

We understand the textiles industry and have years of textiles testing expertise under our belt. We’ve received positive reviews from all the producers that have chosen us for their tests and raw material inspections, so you can be confident that others in the industry have already been impressed by our services. We’re able to provide real-time statistics that can help to inform you as a business, therefore improving your supply chain intelligence.

We pride ourselves on transparency for our customers. That’s why we have a dedicated price page where costs are broken down on a country-by-country basis. This way, you can assess whether our services will work for you ahead of time. There are too many inspection providers out there that choose to include hidden costs in the small print, but we understand that this can be incredibly inconvenient. If you’d like more information about our textile and fabric tests and inspections we provide, please get in touch with any questions today!

The GIM Advantage

GIM's team of inspectors, auditors and lab experts are specialized by industry to ensure your products meet all safety and performance standards for your destination market.

Global coverage, local expertise
Detailed reports and photographic evidence
Reports posted online within 24 hours of completion
Dedicated and knowledgeable account managers

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