Hardline inspections

During Hardline inspections, GIM verify conformance to your products specifications with our dedicated team of inspectors.

Our Hardline expertise

 Toys  Cosmetics
 Promotional Products  Jewelry
 Homeware  Automative Parts   
 Printing & Packaging  Fashion Accessories
 Building Material  Electrical & Electronics
 Fitness Equipment  Furniture
 Watch and Clock  Hardware and Tools


Boxes inspection Shenzhen

Hardline tests

 Performance Check  PCB Assembly and Circuitry
 Visual and Functional Requirements  Stability Check
 Packing  Assembly check
 Material   Color check
 Smell test  Fatigue test
 Wobbly  test  Static loading test
 Adhesive test on logo  Carton drop test
 Inner Structure Review  Safety Testing
 Workmanship Checking  Moisture content


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