Pre Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is a part of quality control method for checking the quality of goods, it is a vital part of supply chain management. It occurs when at least 80% of the products are manufactured. In which process a sample of products is selected and a series of tests are performed to control functions, weight, measurements, packaging and barcodes.

Why Pre Shipment Inspection is required?

  • Save time by proper inspection before shipment.
  • Reduce business losses due to expensive products returns or rework.
  • Effective packaging and labeling.
  • Ensure the customer satisfaction.                                                                    Pre shipment Inspection China
  • Know the percentage of compliant products.

How are we working?

We provided pre-shipment inspection services since 2008. Our expertise mutually with hundreds of customizable checklists for all product categories makes for flexible and consistent quality control. GIM Reduce the import risks by identifying them early.                                     

Qualified GIM inspectors control your products according to your specifications and inspection standards ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1)


Your inspection report is available 18 hours maximum after our visit.


Price:From 289 USD all inclusive man/day.

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