• Our team of inspectors are available anywhere in the world.

    Our team of inspectors are available anywhere in the world.

  • We can provide lab testing anywhere in the world for<br> products of all kinds from a range of industries.

    We can provide lab testing anywhere in the world for
    products of all kinds from a range of industries.

  • Secure your manufacturing with quality inspections<br> and compliance audits.

    Secure your manufacturing with quality inspections
    and compliance audits.

Services We Do

  • Product Inspection

    Our product inspection services can save your business both time and costs by preventing expensive business losses that can occur from product returns and unsatisfied customers. At Global Inspection Managing, we are dedicated to following responsible business practices based on international standards, so let us help you minimize import risks with a pre-shipment inspection.

  • Supplier Audit

    We offer manufacturing and ethical audits to ensure that your suppliers are assessed thoroughly before you commit to placing an order. We can acquire information about a factory's production capabilities, how they store products, what administrative system they use and their environmental and social performance while carefully reviewing any certificates and documents provided.

  • Food inspection

    Our food inspections services will ensure that any fresh produce from our clients is contaminant-fee and completely safe for consumption. We provide inspection services that are specifically tailored to the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts, grains, corn, beans, seafood, meat and poultry. We also ensure that your products are stored in a protective environment during the inspection so that they remain unspoiled throughout the process.

  • Lab testing

    At Global Inspection Managing, we know how essential lab testing is in the production process, which is why we hire only the most qualified experts in our labs to test your products and ensure that they comply with the regulatory and safety requirements of the market you are targeting so that you can avoid any costly recalls or hefty fines down the line.

Why Choose Us

  • Real time informations

    Keep up to date with the progress of your product inspection simply by accessing your online account or by getting in touch with us directly.

  • Personalization

    Each of our services is specifically tailored to your needs which is why we provide a unique protocol report for each of our customers and their specific products so that we can offer you the highest quality service possible.

  • Large coverage

    We carry out quality control services all over the world so that our customers aren't limited in any way.

  • Management

    Our head office in Hong Kong has a Western management team and we are committed to working with a team of both local and Western staff so that we can cater to all business requirements.

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GIM is an innovative leading company that performs quality control worldwide.
We have an international team of 88 people and we are Implemented within all the world. More than 900 importers, brands, e-retailers have taken advantages of our services. We are focusing on technology and we are the first company to offer Real Time Video Inspection through our Online Platform. Read more

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20132 defects spotted and reported during inspections in 2021.


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