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Quality control in Colombia

Colombia is a major exporter of agricultural products, commodities, and chemicals. It has the most diversified industrial sector among the Andean states, the country has four major industrial centers being in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and Barranquilla where our inspectors are based. The top exports of the country are mineral products, vegetable products, chemical products, precious metals, plastics and rubbers, and metals. Our team of inspectors is specialized in inspecting the food industry, footwear industry, textile and commodities. 

Our services include : 


Textile, garments and footwear industry in Colombia

The textile and apparel industry of Colombia represents one of the most traditional and essential sectors of the country's economy. It comprises 9.4 percent of manufacturing's gross domestic product. Colombia not only supplies its local market but also exports primarily to the United States, Mexico and Central America, making them a major exporter. Growing exports are always a sign of a growing need for quality control inspections.

Our services in the textile, garments and footwear industry

At Global Inspection Managing, we offer QC tailored for the apparel and footwear industry. Through our expertise in garment and apparel lab testing and comprehensive inspection checklists, we help clients in Colombia maintain their brand reputation by ensuring that their products are safe and of a quality that surpasses those of close competitors. Our footwear testing procedures in Colombia will ensure the durability of your footwear items and ensure that they comply with all relevant hazardous substance regulations.

Food inspection in Colombia 

Colombia has potential for sustainable growth in the agriculture and livestock sector due to its tropical climate, which allows a wide variety of crops to be grown all year.The food processing industry in Colombia is growing as well, due partly to the expansion of mass grocery retailers with chilled and frozen storage facilities.

It makes it very important to double-check that the produce is fresh and the processed food is adequately conserved.  Our comprehensive lab tests and audits ensure the quality of food before and after it is shipped, offering clients peace of mind in regards to the safety and quality of the items they sell.

What makes us an ideal partner?

Global Inspection Managing offers rapid factory inspections in Colombia, with a 48-hour turnaround time and fast reporting of results. Our attention to detail and ability to assess operations precisely enables us to identify and eliminate defects.

We also provide inspection and quality control in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

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