Container Loading Check

One of the most important steps in the entire stage of Quality-check is the Container Loading Check.It is done in order to check the ultimate quality and quantity of the received product and to ensure that the goods will arrived in their pristine condition.The process of shipment can be detrimental to the products that are loaded and being shipped.The condition of the transport can also have adverse effects on the products. Hence a final Container Loading Check is essential to ensure the careful loading of your goods and to make sure that the goods reach their destination in an unspoiled condition. 

We select boxes at random to make sure that all the cartons bear the instructed quantity and quality products that have been ordered. If the quality meets the requirements  and all the shipped goods have correct barcodes, labeling and packaging, then it is approved.

Why is Container Loading Check important?    Container loading check China

  • There are certain criteria that the packaging needs to meet in order to be approved, such as the carton has to be properly closed, it should not be too soft or damp or already crushed or torn, all these things can adversely affect the product that is inside them. 
  • The next step is making sure that the packages contain the same products that the buyer is expecting.This step also includes the measurement of the total quantity of the product as issued by the forwarder on the bill of loading.
  • At last, the containers are examined for any potential leaks or any possible issues that may arise during the shipment. 

Price: From 289 USD all inclusive per man/day.


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