Real Time Video Inspection

Real time video inspection process is first time introduced by “Global Inspection managing“. We are offering an opportunity to customers to interact with our inspectors. 

Our inspectors help to their customers make things easier, they can access anytime/anywhere and interact with our inspectors regarding production process if there are any mistakes, so customers can guide our inspectors and they will improve accordingly as per customer’s guidance.

Importance of Video inspection

  • Real time video inspection helps to their customer and inspector in products process we can save the time during production at factory.                                              
  • It’s making easy for inspectors to do changes at a time.                                   Real Time Video Inspection China                
  • Real time video is also time effective. it's work without physical presence      
  • Customer does not require to travel onshore.
  • Customer can supervise or guide their product easily during production.
  • People can do multitask.
  • It's made an easier life for businessman those who are not able to reach all places at a time for different client meeting/discussions about the productions process of their product.
  • Easy to understand the productions process by supervisor guidance because of visualizations.
  • By this process, people can access and connect to their client regarding productions process.

Price: From 349 USD all inclusive per man/day.

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