Video inspections

Real Time Video Inspection

One of our most recent and exciting services, Global Inspection Managing are delighted to introduce real time video inspection to our list of checking services. By introducing cutting edge tech to our process, this is the next best thing to being on the factory floor yourself.

Our  inspectors will use high quality cameras to provide you with real-time footage of the inspection process. You’ll essentially get the benefits of attending the manufacturing site yourself, without having to leave your office.

In the end, you understand your brand better than anyone, so being able to inspect the manufacturing yourself through the real-time footage can be invaluable. You’ll be able to guide our inspectors as they work, ensuring optimum product quality.

So, what are the main benefits of real time video inspection?

It can be a huge time saver. Our inspectors always work to the standards you set for your brand, and the standards of your industry. However, any changes you make to the process of our inspections will naturally take time. Real time video inspection means you can ask for changes to be made there and then, so the impact of your inspection is immediate.

It can save you a lot of money. Thirty years ago, companies carrying out their manufacturing overseas would have been required to spend thousands of dollars on flights if they wanted to inspect their factory partners. Now, it’s possible to carry out a thorough, real-world check from the comfort of your own premises. It also means that you’re not limited by how much you’d like to spend on flights – inspections will be far more cost-effective.

You can enjoy real understanding of the manufacturing process. If your products are being made across the world, it can be easy to feel ‘not in control’, even if you work with a high quality manufacturer. By having real-time video footage of the inspection, you’ll have a serious understanding of how your products are made, and you’ll be able to see for yourself any improvements that are needed.

It’s versatile. It may be that after one or two manufacturing runs, you feel there are certain areas you want to isolate because you believe there may be a problem. Our product inspectors can work to your requirements, perform various quality control methods, providing video footage on whichever part of the inspection process you choose. You can get real-time feedback on any areas which you think need to be worked on.

Why our inspectors?

Our inspectors are fully qualified, meeting AQL sampling standards ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1). When you’re receiving your real time video inspection, you’ll be able to witness our professionalism. We’ll carry out your check to the highest possible standards. When it comes to ensuring your products are made to the highest quality, our inspectors are the best.


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