Quality control in Asia

Quality control in Asia makes an excellent investment for businesses of all types - whether it's fresh produce, textiles, or manufacturing, quality always matters.

Global Inspection managing offers you the chance to have a personal factory audit, wherever you are in Asia – from China to India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia,Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand and beyond.

Auditing tailored to your industry

Asia is an enormous continent with many regional industries - but Global Inspection Managing has the experienced and industry-qualified auditors necessary to accurately analyse your production chain. We can cover all aspects of your facility - from raw material storage to product inspections, and even pre-delivery analysis, we provide a quality control auditing service.

However, that’s exactly what Global Inspection Managing does.

Fresh produce

Fresh produce is a thriving industry in Asia, with specific ingredients shipped around the world from every region. This makes food inspection in Asia a highly practical investment - with so many laws and regulations governing the overall quality of produce, as well as the way in which it's stored and used in manufacturing, investing in the assistance of an external quality control agent always pays. If customers or clients begin to receive substandard products from you, the damage to your business can be considerable - it's always wise to eliminate that possibility.

Asia Factory Inspections

Global Inspection Managing offers a comprehensive factory auditing process throughout Asia, regardless of the industry niche of your particular factory. We will analyse every aspect of your production chain in line with our own quality assurance protocols as well as to the letter of industry-specific regulation. We can also provide a comprehensive quality control audit for your manufactured/produced goods, as well as provide a pre-delivery inspection to ensure your whole business conforms to the same standards of quality. Ultimately, this improves customer/client satisfaction.

Lab testing

We're also capable of providing a host of lab testing services - including a selection of non-destructive testing techniques. Our quality control service can extend to the chemicals/ingredients you use, as well as the way in which they're both stored and used. As with every aspect of our quality control auditing service, we'll provide you with a complete report detailing our analysis and any recommendations we have.

Invest in Inspection Services in Asia

Investing in our quality control auditing services throughout Asia is an investment in your own business growth. A business demands quality in every aspect of its operation before it can begin to grow to its true potential - but it's so easy to overlook small, yet key, quality control errors. These errors can become larger and more comprehensive over time, increasing the damage they cause and making them more difficult to rectify.
At Global Inspection Managing, we specialise in providing comprehensive quality control audits throughout Asia to businesses in all industries. We offer an affordable, specialised, and non-invasive service that will allow you to continue doing business as normal, while ultimately allowing you to understand where you can make key improvements.
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Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

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