Quality Control Toys

It can be difficult and expensive for a company that supplies toys to keep on top of all of the latest standards and requirements surrounding toy sales around the world, not to mention all of the fast changing inspection regimes that target new and different areas.

Your business has to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice as new health initiatives are announced, and to make sure that your products are free of the target substance or attribute. So how do you manage to stay ahead of the game without spending a fortune?

QC tailored for the toys and recreational items industry

Thanks to the depth of expertise possessed by our inspectors and advisors in the toy and recreational items industry, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of inspection and quality control services no matter what your line of business.

As the list of regulations and health advice on different materials keeps growing, it's becoming harder and harder to keep up, but your ability to sell your products in markets around the world relies on your ability to digest and implement this information.

Not only will our experts use their knowledge to ensure that your products are compliant, but we'll also continue to update our knowledge to future proof your production line

Toys And Recreational Items Lab Testing Expertise

Materials science is a fast-moving world, and the tastes of consumers are always changing.

Sometimes you'll need to know quickly whether your products contain a certain material or manufacturing technique that could harm consumers or the marketability of your products, and you need an answer fast. Our experts have access to an extensive range of lab testing equipment so that we can perform a wide variety of tests on your products, from flammability and sterility tests all the way to checking for specific compounds in the material, the composition of the coating and potential toxins in the packaging.

Not only will this allow you to prove you products' suitability for a range of markets, it will also allow you to respond to health concerns and new rules dynamically so you don't miss out on a sale.

Toy Standards And Regulations

Selling your products around the world means complying with a large and sometimes baffling range of regulations which can be a hamper to any organisation with a large reach, which is why our services can be vital for your company's expansion plans.

Our inspectors and experts are able to test your company's compliance against standards from all over the world and in a huge variety of toy sectors and sub-sectors, whether you're aiming for compliance with US toy standards & regulations,EN71 Safety standard standards & regulations or regulations from other continents.

Not only does compliance make your work possible in the near future, but our services can also help future proof your operations, allowing you to operate with agility on the global toy market.

Ensuring your products meet a range of international standards in advance means you can enter new markets immediately, without fear of being held back by the rules.

The GIM Advantage

GIM's team of inspectors, auditors and lab experts are specialized by industry to ensure your products meet all safety and performance standards for your destination market.

Global coverage, local expertise
Detailed reports and photographic evidence
Reports posted online within 24 hours of completion
Dedicated and knowledgeable account managers

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