Supplier audit programs

The board of any business naturally wants to be confident in the standards of its suppliers. You’ll also want reassurance that your suppliers are capable of meeting the demands of your supply chain. At Global Inspection Managing, we’re dedicated to helping our clients better understand their suppliers and make the right decisions when choosing between potential suppliers. Our supplier audit programs will help you to gain a full and comprehensive picture of the business practices and policies of your supplier or potential supplier.

During a supplier audit, independent auditors will attend your supplier’s manufacturing site and analyse a variety of factors by using several approaches. You’ll then receive a full and detailed audit report that gives you all of the essential information you need. Factors that are looked at during a supplier audit include manufacturing capacity, the management system, structural safety at the site, the supplier’s environmental impact, and its social compliance. This gives you an all-round view of your supplier’s facilities and practices. 

Through our supplier audit program, we help you to build trust and long-lasting business relationships with your suppliers. Our auditors also help suppliers to understand your requirements and expectations, which in turn aids them in improving the service they provide for you. 

Why choose a supplier audit?

There are a number of reasons why a supplier audit is a useful tool for making decisions about your supply chain:

• Fully understand the policies of your supplier
• Ensure your supplier has safe and ethical working conditions
• Verify that capacity and quality assurance are suitable for your needs
• Ensure statutory requirements are complied with
• Protect your brand’s image by working with suitable suppliers
• Avoid or protect against possible risk

Why choose Global Inspection Managing?

We’re experienced specialists in independent supplier audit programs, providing inspections throughout the world. There are many advantages to using our auditing services:

Detailed reports made available within 48 hours of inspection
• Experienced and professional independent auditors accredited in line with international standards
• Operating globally
• Affordable audits and a straightforward booking system

Our auditors conduct a thorough investigation of your supplier’s facilities, including interviewing staff members, factory tours, and reviewing relevant documentation. We also offer a variety of other audit services, including ethical audits and manufacturer audits. Our range of services allows you to customise your audit and obtain all of the information you need.

If you want to guarantee that your suppliers uphold the highest standards, choose the supplier audit program from Global Inspection Managing. We’re internationally recognised for our auditing services and reports and are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest standards in your supply chain. For more information about our work please get in touch.

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