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Located in South America, Brazil is the largest country in the region. Its position as a leading economy in the area sees it export over $200 billion in goods annually.

Brazil is home to many thriving industries with the food and agricultural sector being most prominent. It is, therefore, no surprise to see that fresh produce, meat and fish are top exports from Brazil. In addition to this, the manufacturing and mineral fuel industries here are also thriving.

Of course, any Brazilian company will be dependent on top-class quality control to succeed. Here at Global Inspection Managing, we offer outstanding inspection and quality control to businesses across Brazil. Available in all major cities, our lightning-quick 24-hour reporting is what your business in Brazil needs to grow.

Production monitoring

Keeping your factory and manufacturing procedures accountable is key. Our next-level production monitoring service digs into your whole operation and looks at how accurately your own processes are being followed. This is achieved via random tests of individual units which then allows us to identify where many issues may lie to resolve. We provide a daily report of our testing and also enable you to tailor our tests to your specific needs.

However, that’s exactly what Global Inspection Managing does.

Inspection before shipping

If you own a business in Brazil which sells meat or fish, you need to know that the goods are in top condition before they are sent. This is also true in other sectors such as cereals and woodpulp. Goods which are shipped in bad condition will lead to your reputation being damaged with clients.

Our service which offers pre-shipment inspection in Brazil allows you to avoid this and always know your goods are suitable for shipping. From quality checking to quantity testing, verification of conformity and more, Global Inspection Managing can help.

Superior manufacturing audits

As we have already mentioned, the manufacturing sector in Brazil is huge. Whether it is producing machinery like computers or materials like steel, this is one industry which is thriving. To have full peace of mind that your operation is up to scratch, a factory audit in Brazil is wise.

This gives manufacturers in Brazil the chance to assess how goods are being produced in their own factory and that product specs are being met. Our audit service also allows you to vet any companies in your supply chain for the same purposes. Global Inspection Managing use globally recognised systems and cost-effective pricing to make this a reality for businesses in the country.

Laboratory inspection & testing

Our lab testing and inspection in Brazil can also help. We can carry out non-destructive or destructive tests in addition to chemical analysis. Our team of professional inspectors will perform a detailed components and raw material inspection. We can provide this service to sectors like manufacturing or automotive within Brazil so any flaws in your components can be spotted pre-assembly.

Whether it is shrinkage or lack of fusion, we will pick it up. Rest assured that any lab testing we carry out on your behalf will be done in line with local Brazilian regulations and in accordance with your own policies.

Quality control in Brazil with
Global Inspection Managing

If your company in Brazil needs any of the above inspection or control services, get in touch today. We also offer a wide range of extra services, from ethical audits to video inspections and more. Our globally certified and independent approach allows all Brazilian businesses to achieve more, whatever sector you are in. From meat producers to those who make machinery or export fish, our accurate and fast service is invaluable. With inspections available with 48 hours across the country, all-inclusive pricing and speedy reporting, we are the people to trust.
We also provide inspection and quality control in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile.
Price: From 329 USD all inclusive per man/day.

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Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

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