China is the world largest manufacturer country in the world map. There are spacious possibilities of business. Many of the businessman and industry are taking interest in china market. But it is important to check the registration and business license of the company with which you are doing business.

These registration services is available in every country and China has also appropriate registration authority and system and we will now describe it in detail

  • Prior to inspect about the details, here we are giving brief information about the latest updates about company registration website in China.
  • There is no English-language search service for company registrations in Mainland China
  • No any English language search website for company registration is available in mainland china.
  • Local company registration service is also available in different province of china, which can be browse in Chinese language.
  • English language company registration search website available in Hong Kong. Well, it is also noticeable that collaborating the business with Chinese companies, the expertise of Chinese language is necessary.

English language China Company Registration searches

The administration of mainland china is walking in the traditional line where company registration details available in Chinese language It might be possible that the reason of this is, the official and national language is Chinese. Moreover government official websites are in Chinese language, so most of the company registration in Chinese language.

It generally indicates that even if china company registration service might be accessible in English language database, then the user is likely to have the knowledge of Chinese language so that they can bring fruitful searches in the interface.

And if somehow, if you have managed to found the details of company registration during china company search but you will see that company registration will be redirected to Chinese language rather than English

Country level Company Registration Search Facility

In the year 2015, China has implemented most anticipated nationwide company registration search website and we can see the development and further updates in the website time to time.

The website is known as “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System:” you can check  it on the internet.

In the year 2016, this system enables users to search companies across the Mainland China and they can get the company registration and official name of company information. This is a helpful for people to use nationwide system but in spite of having integrated search system, it is not update with latest version

Though, it has many drawbacks but the initiative taken by china has formulated nationwide search system. China knows the technicalities and possibility of business expansion in its sphere because there are plenty of companies in the china.

Local AIC Company Registration Websites

Besides having the option of searching the website nationwide for checking the company registration every province has their own local AIC company registration in China which are administrated by an AIC– Administration of Industry and Commerce.

As the name suggests, this is the region wise government association that handle with company registration in their specific area.  AIC is allotted in every province in china and there many other small branches in district.

So if you are looking for local company registration search you need to search on district wise and province wise. These local authorities have the strong database of company registration.  Here is below the list:

Hong Kong has separated AIC where you can search company registration details in English language because it is different from mainland china. It is considered that English language has the status of official language for company incorporation. Hong Kong registration searches are improved and helpful to foreign businesses because the details are accessible in the English language.

How to Identify “Is this China Company is Real”?

This is somehow the important question among all. We suggest that to verify a Chinese company business company from the china company verification service website, but you need to understand one thing that, the registered capital that website discloses might be different.

The best thing about china check up verification service is that the procedure of authenticating a Chinese company is hassle free. One can get the services by ordering online via email in the PDF format.

Using search engine and Chinese supplier directory is also a good option to find the reality of the company in china.  In china, the search engine Baidu can have the database of company check. You can also search in Google and Bing.

Many B2B directories are available where you can easily access the company details by typing the name and other information.

Ask local authorities about the company records, you can make a phone call directly to Chinese manufacturer and ask the documents of company registration. If we talk about the landline of china will appear as 86 10 2222 2222 where 86 is the country code of china 10 is the area code and rest eight digit in the telephone number.

Ask about the business license from the company that is doing the business. They must be registered under the Chinese government authority.  If the Chinese manufacturer is failed to provide unique company registration, then the you need to understand that something is fishy and it will be a wise decision to turn down the plan of doing business with such suspicious company.  You can verify the registration number by visiting the local authorities and administration in china.

You can ask bank reference letter to check the financial credit of the manufacturer. You can check the quality of manufacturer by asking their previous customer or existing customers. Never hesitate to ask because this is a crucial question and you can ask to the renowned brand of the china to know for the best recommendation from their side.

Asking for sample is also the wise decision to check the quality of the goods and material of the respective Chinese company. After checking the quality, you will be sure to take the right step in terms of doing business with them.

You can also ask to a Professional Verification company