Amazon does not compromise with its products online that’s why it sets the highest standards of quality for its products. The whole world is familiar with the fact that the products manufactured in China are cheap. That is the reason you will notice many Amazon sellers selling the Chinese imported products. These Chinese products are available in wholesale at low prices. The journey of a product from China to Amazon warehouses is not easy, but it’s possible.

So, here we have some tips for Amazon FBA sellers who import their products from China.

1.    Select Products that You Wish to Sell

There are thousands of products are placed in the different categories on Amazon. The success of your business on Amazon totally depends on the product category. Amazon reiterates that all the products cannot be same, it has to be different but still most exists in a similar category. Since most of the manufacturing companies based out of China tends to reproduce the same products with a different label, this irregularity gives you the opportunity as you have numerous options to buy from.

If you have an agent in China who is familiar with all the FBA specifications, he will help you in preparation, verification, and inspection according to FBA standards. Research and surveys can take you out of the dilemma since they provide vital information. Identify the categories which can yield high ROI for you.

2.    Unique Design for Your Private Label Products

You are not the only one importing from China; there are many out there. After you import your products, it’s your turn to pay some attention to its presentation. A unique logo can is necessary; it can stand out your product among the others. The cost of logo designing is not too much. After you design a logo of your choice and that represents your brand, you have it printed on the product packaging material.

3.    Take Some Help from Forwarders for FBA

If you are importing products from other countries, you have heard about freight forwarder. If you haven’t, then too it’s okay. These freight forwarders are of great help as they know about the international shipping laws. It’s not easy to import products from other countries alone, they are go-getters for you, and they arrange logistics as well. Your contacts in China would help you in the hunt for the reliable freight forwarders.

4.    Find Chinese Manufacturing Companies

China is the hub of manufacturing so finding a good company can be a bit difficult. You need to investigate every manufacturing company precisely. Your goal should be to find the best products at low prices and sell them at the higher cost for good ROI. You can check with the leading e-commerce giants in China like Alibaba for suppliers.

5.    Check for Product Samples

Products samples play a crucial role in hiring a manufacturing company. List at least ten manufacturing companies and have a meeting and ask for their product samples. You should evaluate their products on three parameters: Quality, appearance, and performance. Low price cannot guarantee the good quality of the product. Before giving the contract to a company, you should ensure that the product matches the specific quality.

6.    Product Manufacturing and Quality Control

When you have done all things, you can give the contract to the company. But some things you need to take care of is its quality. Given the import volume, it is good to hire a product inspection company who would give the accurate reports. All inspection should be done properly before the product reaches the designated Amazon warehouse.