Company Verification in China

Your Chinese company verification report

Working with Chinese companies can be a real challenge and you can encounter many obstacles. Nevertheless it is possible to obtain legal and trustworthy information about Chinese companies.
Before doing business agreement with Chinese Companies, it is necessary to do a company due dilgence and to search more about them by doing a China Supplier Verification Check, the report will check its actual existence on governmental websites


Research of Chinese suppliers can take a great deal of time because few information is available online in English, they are mainly written in chinese characters.Our team has access to these information very rapidly.

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GiM does the necessary verifications on the companies, you can order it online.                                                                                                                 

                           The Company Check report is available within 24 hours maximum after your order.  

China Standard verification

89 USD

Company Name

Type of Company

Registration Status

Business Scope

Registration Number

Registered Address

Registered Capital

Paid-up Capital

Date of Establishment

License Expiry Date

Legal Representative

Directors Names

Shareholders Names

China Professional Verification

159 USD

China Standard Verification Package

Abnormal business operations

Administrative penalties

Law enforcement

Trademarks categories

Annual report

Shareholders change

Registered capital change

Business scope change

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