Quality Control Russia

Doing trade with and within Russia provides opportunities and challenges specific to the country’s economy, business practices and export systems. It has produced a healthy trade surplus in recent years – and offers a source of oil, metals, chemicals, machinery and forestry materials, as well as food and machinery.
However, how can you arrange quality inspections in Russian manufacturing companies, labs and pre-shipments?
Global Inspection Managing offers a comprehensive and fast service in the former Soviet Union, with as little as 48 hours notice in many cases and reports produced within 24 hours of the inspection.

Production Monitoring in Russia

If you need to drill down on quality in a manufacturing operation in the world’s largest country, we have a team ready to respond. Our internationally certified quality inspection and reporting services can be commissioned anywhere from the Republic of Dagestan in the south right up to Siberia in the North.
Of course, much of our quality control Russia work is in the areas around Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Urals and the Volga region, but we are happy to visit remoter sites, and can still respond within 48 hours of your commission.
You will receive your quality control reports within 24 hours, and this bespoke response to your brief will be produced by end-to-end accountability across the plant, factory or site. It includes random testing of units to identify issues and deficits. The aim is always to provide you with quality transparency, using internationally recognised statistical sampling procedures – looking at performance, functionality and durability.

Pre-shipment Inspection in Russia

Pre-shipment inspections are also provided for companies who trade in Russia, or indigenous businesses. This service is also tailored, comprehensive and reliable, and can incorporate quality and quantity tests; defects checks; safety standard assessment, and tests for conformity to weight marking, colour and labelling.

Factory Audit in Russia

Arranging a manufacturing audit in Russia is also possible and prompt using the expertise of Global Inspection Managing.
This includes a detailed analysis of your own Russian business operations or investigating the validity and standards of your Russian-based supply chain. Specialist audits by our highly trained team will apply internationally recognised quality management criteria to your specific business goals and aims.
The Return on Investment from using our services to conduct a factory Audit Russia or elsewhere in the world can be substantial; eliminating costly errors and delays.

Lab testing and inspection in Russia

If you use laboratories anywhere in Russia then having them inspected and quality tested is commercial common sense. Our professional team is ready to apply its experience, expertise and international quality standards to both to destructive and non-destructive testing, and chemical and metallurgical analysis.
Calling in Global Inspection Managing ensures any components, composites and materials coming from Russia are as specified and of assured quality.

Other quality management services

The above are just some of the quality control and inspection services offered to both companies who trade in Russia, and Russian-based organisations. This includes exposing unethical or illegal practices within national or multi-national manufacturers, engineering and chemical companies, exporters and other supply chain entities in Russia.

Why choose GIM Russian Quality Control Services?

As we respond to specific client requests for help in analysing, inspecting and auditing Russian business operations, discussing your objectives with us is the first step.
This enables us to show how our level of expertise and experience, as well as understanding of quality and legislative issues in Russia, can be applied to your brief.
Our team will also put together a clear pricing structure for quality control inspection services in Russia, including setting clear and measurable aims for our work on your behalf.
Rapid responses are always standard and included in our costings, as is detailed reporting to ensure transparency.

Price: From 529 USD all inclusive per man/day.

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