Quality Control Inspection Service in Bangladesh

Quality control inspection is related to quality assured an effort to check the manufactured goods to make sure they meet the customers’ provisions and quality values.

Global Inspection Managing is an eminent Quality Control Inspection service provider company whose purpose is to be a firm of choices that individuals and businesses with an idea to revolutionize the world. We have an amazing team in Asia including Bangladesh; to provide quality control inspection service. GIM also cover home textile, garments, apparel, and fashion accessories sectors in Bangladesh. In the company, we generally find many major and minor defects during product inspection like missed stitches and uncut strings while major defects make the products unsellable, such as holes, stains or broken zippers. Inspection can be scheduled within 24 hours and your inspection report is available 18 hours maximum after our visit.

Global Inspection Managing also executes Ethical audit in Bangladesh because child labor is commonly known to be a problem in Bangladesh and many children working in dangerous low paying jobs. We help to fight child labor in Bangladesh and make your company reputation.

Product Expertise in Bangladesh

  • Textiles & Garments
  • Toy
  • Furniture
  • Bags & Accessories

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