Quality Control in Ukraine

New economic growth in Ukraine has led to an upsurge in overseas investment, and the creation of international subsidiary enterprises and new overseas trade agreements.
Do you do business in this complex developing nation? How can you be sure that Ukrainian companies, labs and shipments meet your exacting standards?
Global Inspection Managing gives you the ability to have our experts on-site in any Ukraine business, within 48 hours. Comprehensive reports can be delivered within 24 hours of that inspection.
Our quality monitoring and inspection acumen can be applied to factories, plants and labs, or to test specific consignments of goods.

Ukraine production monitoring

If you are engaged in any form of manufacturing, engineering or processing in this Eastern European country, an internationally certified quality inspection team based in Ukraine can be commercially vital.
Our highly responsive service – which adheres to international quality measurement standards - is available for all Ukraine locally owned or remotely managed companies, in any location between the nation’s borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia.
The sector involved can be ‘across the board’ too, including Ukrainian producers of grain, power, fuel, metallurgy, chemicals, timber and paper for example.
Our expert monitoring service in the Ukraine could investigate entire production processes, but will also use internationally recognised statistical sampling systems to check product performance, functionality and durability. Our random testing techniques provide confidence in our comprehensive – and quick – reports.

Arranging pre-shipment inspection Ukraine

Using our insightful pre-shipment inspection services, Ukrainian exports can be thoroughly tested for quality and quantity errors and defects. They can also be measured against safety standards and your own commercial expectations on colour, weight marking and labelling.

Commissioning a factory audit in Ukraine

Global Inspection Managing can thoroughly audit manufacturing sites and other business entities in this part of the former Soviet Union.
This provides better accountability and control for Ukrainian supply chains, subsidiaries or business partners. Internationally recognised quality management criteria will be applied, though the focus is on your specific commercial interests.
Clients find auditing manufacturers in Ukraine offers a substantial return on investment, avoiding wasted resources, errors, delays and quality issues.

Can you inspect labs in Ukraine?

Our expertise in inspecting quality control in Ukraine extends to the specific challenges of laboratory operations. Our professional acumen ensures that clients can commission such services as destructive and non-destructive testing, as well as chemical and metallurgical analysis.
Using our professional services, you can have greater confidence and control over any components, composites and materials produced in Ukraine.

Bespoke quality management options

Thoroughly checking quality issues in your Ukraine supply chain or operations can extend beyond products and processes using Global Inspection Managing. Our experts can provide a report into management issues, such as any potential unethical or illegal practices within Ukraine businesses.
Our work is never an ‘off the shelf solution’ and will always be matched to your specific business needs and issues in Ukraine.

Call in Global Inspection Managing, fast

The speed of our inspection, monitoring and audit services in Ukraine does not come at an additional cost. It’s part of the clear and fair pricing structure we apply to our quality-related services in Ukraine.
We also offer the assurance of local knowledge, insights into Ukraine laws and an unparalleled level of expertise in quality management. 

Price: From 529 USD all inclusive per man/day.

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